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How To Start Your Natural Skin Care Line And Organic Beauty Brand

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How To Start Your Natural Skin Care Line And Organic Beauty Brand

how to start skin care line organic beauty brand

How To Start Your Natural Skin Care Brand & Organic Beauty Line

Today I feel like opening up to everyone interested in starting their own skincare brand.

There has never been a better time to start your own skincare brand like now especially now that the world is in a stand still.

This moment should be your planning and preparation time.

My name is Victoria Ade, the founder

In my several years of experience working with top skincare brand in the United States and Canada as a Cosmetic Chemist and consultant, I have gathered so much formulation experience and day to day running knowledge of skincare business, formulation lab operation and cosmetic manufacturing business.

I want to sincerely congratulate those who have joined our Advanced Formulation and Professional Formulation Program, you are well on your way to becoming a great formulator and a skincare brand owner.

Before I continue, if you want to start your skincare brand, I encourage you to join or upgrade to our Advanced Formulation Project Program to take full advantage of the series of training we will be doing for this group.

If are just getting started and don’t plan to start a brand in the next 12 months, you can join our Professional Formulation program, that is a good place to begin.

There are 3 basic steps involved in starting your own skincare brand.

In my over 5 years of mentoring skincare brand owners, I have come to realise that most people rush into this highly competitive field to make money, while it is essential to make money, it is also very vital that you have passion to help those with skincare issue.

Your duty as a cosmetic formulator and chemist is make products to control skincare issue and make your customer happy but if your goal is to first take their money without making them happy, I think this field is not for you.

You must possess passion to help those with skincare issue, even though you are not a dermatologist, you are still required to make skincare products that will help restore the skin natural beauty if you want your brand to stand out,  the first thing you must get is Advanced Practical Formulation Training and this is what we do best on this site.

Organic Cosmetic Science has 2 aspect, the theory and Practical. Skincare brand owners that are doing well, have more APFT knowledge than theory.

The only theory you are required to have as a formulator is to know how the skin works and how long it takes for the skin to shed itself. Once you know this, you will be able to guide your customer right.

Keep in mind that it takes 28 days for the skin to shed itself, make sure you advise your customer that for them to get notable beauty result with their skincare products, they must have used it for at least 28 days. I will write a full guide on how the skin works in another article.

Here are the full steps to starting your skincare brand

Advanced Practical Formulation Training

This is where you learn how to make several advanced ready to sell skincare and cosmetic products. At, we offer 2 programs, one is Professional Formulation Training geared towards people who want to learn how to make different skincare products.

Our second program Advanced Formulation Training is for those serious about starting their own skincare brand, all our formulation projects in this program is geared towards making advanced skincare products to sell with priority access to support.

Practice Cosmetic Formulation For At Least 8 months to 12 months

It took some of our graduates this long to become expert cosmetic chemists with full boldness. As at today the 22nd of May 2020, we have 6218 graduates from different continent of the world doing really well in their endeavours. When we first started this site, we do practical formulation by sending formulas to students but we upgraded recently to a more robust readily available system so as to help everyone. Once you have practiced formulating different skincare products for 8 to 12 months consistently, your confidence will increase, then it is time to make a decision on whether to use a contract cosmetic manufacturer or have your own cosmetic formulation lab either at home (if you have enough space) or rent a space to setup your lab outside of your home.

In House Manufacturing Vs Using Contract Manufacturer

If you are confident enough and have the resources and time to invest into formulating  yourself, you need to get yourself different equipment for formulating skincare products on a professional level and set up your own cosmetic lab (I will give you a detail breakdown and walk through soon).

To make large amount of skincare products, you must be able to secure High end Homogenizers, Mixers, Hot Plate, Scales for large scale production and these are not cheap equipment. They can cost you between $10,000 and 50,000 (or more). If you have the budget to buy this type of equipment, and you have extra help, then in house manufacturing will be of help.

The good news is that you can get moderate size equipment and scale up as you business keep expanding.

If you don’t have the above resources, you can go for a contract manufacturer. They can produce your skincare products in bulk and it costs from $5000 and up per product. Contract manufacturers are not cheap.

Most global brand use contract manufacturers so as to use their time for marketing and other important business development activities but most brand that are now global brand are still doing in house manufacturing.

Lush is a very good example of a brand that started small and became a household name in the UK, Canada and the US.

You too can become great but education is a good starting point.

At, we do the Practical Cosmetic Formulation training and mentoring best.

If you want to take your formulation skill to a great height, you are welcome to check out our programs.

Our approach to training is different, we teach you how to make different skincare products by providing you with the following;

  • Stable formulas (developed by our in house team of formulators and a dermatologist)
  • Step by step formulation instruction and substitution advice to help you make varieties of product.
  • Premium and priority support access for all your formulation related questions
  • Ongoing Formulation Mentoring

As you see, learning on an advanced level is the first place to begin, if you are an intermediate formulator, I recommend you to upgrade to advance formulation anytime you are ready to start your brand.

If you are already an advanced formulator, you can learn the in and outs of starting your brand by learning different ways to make effective and non toxic natural skincare products to boost the image of your brand and packaging tips.

Stay tuned for the part 2 of this very important eye-opening article where I will talk to you about the next step you should take in starting a successful skincare brand.

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