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organic cosmetic formulation training course

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Organic Cosmetic Formulation Training Course: How To Make Best Selling Lotions, Creams, Moisturizers & Body Butters, Facial Toners, Serums & Cleansers To Sell

Full Info-Rich Training Modules, Training Videos, Stable Formulas, Cosmetic Formulation Guides and Formulation Toolbox.

Prerequisites: Willingness to learn

Course Goal: To Learn How To Make Best Selling High Performance Lotion, Creams, Moisturizers, Body Butters, Serums, Facial Toners And Cleansers

Training Approach: Hands-On Practical Video Training With Manuals And Formulas

Course Suitable For: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Formulators 

This is our newly launched Organic Cosmetic Formulation Practical Training Course.

In this course, I will teach you how to make stable Natural Lotions, Creams ,Body Butters, Balms  & Salves To Sell

This course has over 50 modules, several training pages, formulations tool box30 stable cosmetic formulas with training videos for beginners and intermediate formulators.

It is only opened to 150 students this year.

We are limiting registration this year in order to be able to accommodate the support needs of our students.

OCFT Course Curriculum & Contents

Organic Cosmetic Formulation Training Program (Over 40 Training Modules)

  1. Introduction To Cosmetic Formulation & Getting Started With Cosmetic Formulation
  2. Full List Of Cosmetic Ingredients And Raw Materials Suppliers Worldwide
  3. Cosmetic Ingredients Suppliers In Canada, USA, UK, Europe & Other Parts Of The World
  4. Tools And Equipment For Formulating Cosmetics
  5. Organic Cosmetic Formulation Ingredients And Their Use
  6. Natural Humectants Used In Organic Cosmetic Formulation
  7. 8 Emulsifiers Used In Organic Cosmetic Formulation
  8. Thickeners, Gums & Polymers Used In Organic Cosmetic Formulation
  9. 15 Organic Cosmetic Clays And Exfoliants – Module 10
  10. Acceptable Natural Surfactants For Organic Cosmetic Formulation – Module 11
  11. Essential Oils Used In Organic Cosmetic Formulation & Safe Topical Usage Limit Of Essential Oils
  12. Antioxidants Used In Organic Cosmetic Formulations
  13. Full List Of All Natural & Synthetic Preservatives, The Protection Strength & Weaknesses
  14. 13 All Natural Preservatives Used In Organic Cosmetic Formulation
  15. How To Preserve Your Cosmetic Products Effectively To Prevent Microbes Growth
  16. How To Formulate Safely With Natural Preservatives (Golden Rules To Follow)
  17. 2 Strong Natural Preservative & Paraben Free Synthetic With Strong Protection Against Bacteria & Fungi
  18. List Of All Real Butters & Carriers Oils For Making Skincare Products 
  19. Hydrogenated Butters To Avoid When Making Skincare Products
  20. Waxes Used In Organic Cosmetic Formulation **Including 3 Top Vegan Waxes For Making Vegan Products**
  21. 10 Hydrosols For Making Organic Cosmetic Products
  22. 6 Top Botanical Extracts For  Making Bestselling Skincare Products
  23. The Right Grade Of Cosmetic Ingredients To Use In Cosmetic Formulation
  24. How To Calculate Cosmetic Formulas Using Formulators Toolbox (2 Videos)
  25. 3 Phases Of Organic Cosmetic Formulation
  26. Oil In Water Emulsion Explained –  Process Involved In Making Lotion
  27. Water In Oil Emulsion Explained – Process Involved In Making Cream 
  28. Lotion Formulation Template And Manufacturing Process
  29. Cream Formulation Template And Manufacturing Process 
  30. Facial Toners Formulation Template And Manufacturing Process 
  31. Facial Cleansers Formulation Template
  32. Body Butter Formulation Template
  33. Balms & Salves Formulation Template
  34. How To Make Your First Lotion – Training Video for Beginners Formulators
  35. How To Make Your First Cream  – Training Video for Beginners & Intermediate Formulators
  36. How To Make Your First Facial Toner –  Training Video for Beginners & Intermediate Formulators
  37. How To Make Your First Facial Cleanser –  Training Video for Beginners & Intermediate Formulators
  38. Professional Lotion Making Training Video – 52 Minute Practical Training Video
  39. How To Check And Adjust pH of your products 
  40. How To Make Foaming Face Wash Powder – (Demonstration Video With Formula)
  41. How To Make Clarifying Face Cleanser – (Demonstration Video With Formula)
  42. How To Make Professional Facial Serum ( Demonstration Video With Stable Formula)
  43. How To Make Hyaluronic Acid Serum ( Stable Formula with demonstration video)
  44. How To Make Face & Body Lotion  (Stable Formula With Demonstration Training Video)
  45. How To Make Cream For Baby & People With Sensitive Skin (Stable Formula With Demonstration Video)
  46. How To Make Hydrating Facial Toner For All Skin Types  (Stable Formula With Demonstration Video)
  47. Advanced Lotion Formulation Instruction – Step By Step Guide 
  48. How To Make All Natural Skin Softening Moisturizer  (Stable Formula With Demonstration Training Video )
  49. How To Make Luxury Body Butter  (Stable Formula With Formulation Guide )
  50. How To Make Moisturizing Lip Balm To Sell (Stable Formula and  Demonstration Training Video)
  51. How To Make Facial Cleansing Oil & Natural Makeup Remover (Stable Formula & Demonstration Video)
  52. Get Free Access To Over 30 Professional Organic Cosmetic Formulation Projects (Formulas & Formulation Guides). Click here to see them. This course costs $299.99,  you will get access to it free of charge.

Course Include Ongoing Support And Free Ongoing Mentoring. 

Course Price$299.00 – Unlimited Access (Free Access To Upgrade With Support Access)

You will have free access to all Professional Past & Present Formulas, cosmetic formulation tips and tricks. – These formulas are available at

At the end of the course, you will know how to make lotions, creams and body butters, facial toners, cleansers and serums.

You will have free access to every future upgrade and professional cosmetic formulas at

By the time you are done with your course, all the stable formulas at will be very easy for you to formulate.

For now, hold your breath, invest in your future, learn the in and out of cosmetic formulation with leading industry experts.

All our formulas and course materials are developed by industry leading experts.

This is what stands us out of the competition. approach is hand-on practically approach. We do not bore out students with hard theories.

We tell you want you are supposed to know to aid learning and jump right into the practical. We are here to support you every step of the way.

how to make organic lotions creams to sell

This Organic Practical Formulation Training course is intensive. Get ready to work hard.

About Your Instructor

Welcome to, my name is Victoria Ade an experienced skincare formulator with over 10 years of experience formulating great and stable skincare products. I have worked with several fortune 500 skincare brands and have all the experience and the training you need to launch a successful brand.

natural skincare school

Through this website, I have successfully taught well over 7263 students from all works of life how to make their own skincare products, many have moved on to start their own successful skincare brands.

With my dynamic, patient teaching style, be rest assured, you will learn everything you need to make non toxic, effective natural skincare products and start your own natural beauty brand.

My approach to training is totally different from other schools, I use Practical Cosmetic Formulation Training Model to teach my students, I don’t bore them with useless theories, my approach is hands-on.

You will get stable formulas and training videos with step by step formulation guides, demonstration and formulation videos backed with 247 priority support access.

how to make natural beauty products to sell

This course include the following and more

  1. Over 40 modules – information rich modules you can’t find anywhere else
  2. over 15 Organic Cosmetic Formulation Training videos for beginners and intermediate formulators
  3. Over 30 Stable cosmetic formulas and step by step formulation guides.
  4. 24/7 Support Access and ongoing mentoring

You are well on your way to becoming a great formulator and a successful natural skincare brand owner.

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