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Professional Soap Making Course: Training Videos, Profit Making Recipes, Mentorship & Support – Learn To Make Skin Loving Soaps That Sell

professional soap making course

Professional Soap Making Course: Training Videos, Profit Making Recipes, Mentorship & Support – Learn To Make Skin Loving Soaps That Sell

Registration Only opened to 270 lucky soap makers. Reserve Your Spot On October 10, 2020

Professional Cold Process Soap Making Course Opens For Registration On October 10, 2020 .

Skill Level: None (Program packaged with instruction and videos for beginners to advanced level)

Instructor: Victoria Ade is a trained Cosmetic Chemist who is very proficient in Cosmetic and Soap Chemistry.

This program is for those who want to become distinguished Soap Makers.

Course Covers Cold Process Soap Making Process, Techniques, Unique Tips And Tricks.

This is a very important investment to make if you want to prevent making the same mistakes most soap makers are making.

Like we always tell our students, Online forums are contributing to the wrong information surrounding the soap making in this century.

If you want to become a proficient soap maker, this is a program to sign up for today and remember we are only taking 270 soap makers for this year to dedicate more time to our members..

We have several profit making soap making recipes and exclusive guides that will help take your soap making business to a profitable level.

This course was designed with your profiting in mind.

All we require from you is that you dedicate some time to studying it.

We are also here as your mentor, as long as you are a member, we will be here to answer all your inquiries and making advancement suggestions for you.

If you have been doing trial and errors for a while, it is time to take a deep breath and join this program.

At, we specialize in helping business owners thrive by giving them the right Formulas, Recipes and Tools to help their business succeed.

When you join us today, you will have access to all our Cold Process Soap Making Training Videos, Recipes and inside tools to take your soap making career to another level.

All recipes included in training course are highly customizable and stable for all season.

For one time payment of $199.99, you will have access for a full year.

The value of all our recipes, guides and training is well over $7500.

We also provide valuable tips on where to sell your soap, how to package your soap, how to ship your soap and how to boost your company image.

All recipes include recommended Super Fat Level, Lye Concentration, Procedure and Step By Step Formulation Instruction and helpful videos for beginners, intermediate and advanced soap makers.

You will also gain access to exclusive members only mentorship free of charge with 24/7 Support Access.

Exclusive Members Only Videos and many more.

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