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Weekly Professional Cosmetic Formulation Project Begins Next Week

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Weekly Professional Cosmetic Formulation Project Begins Next Week

weekly cosmetic formulation projects

Starting next week, we will return to our weekly formulation project for professional formulators (We will release a professional formulation guide every week).

This is our promise for all professional formulators from onset but we broke some rule in order to carry everyone along.

For those who have sent in their formulation requests, please keep in mind that we have covered a lot of ground on this site to help both beginners and intermediate professional formulators, we are set to roll in our Advanced Formulation Program to help those planning to start their skincare brands.

Effective next week, we will resume our weekly project.

If you are interested in starting your skincare brand, you can take advantage of this opportunity.

Note: If you are a professional formulation members, you will see the advanced formulation projects but will not have access to it as it is geared towards advanced formulators serious about starting their skincare brand. This program costs $499 per year.

Prerequisite For Advanced Practical Organic Cosmetic Formulation Program:

You must have basic formulation experience, this is not a program for beginners, if you are a beginner, register for our Professional Formulation Program.

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