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Natural Cosmetic Formulation Practical Training Course

Organic Cosmetic Formulation Tips

Natural Cosmetic Formulation Practical Training Course

become natural cosmetic formulator

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Are you tired of all the online training school giving you  half baked information about formulating your own natural cosmetics, in this indepth training video by professional natural skincare formulator, Victoria Adegbola, you will learn the step by step basics of formulating natural cosmetics professionally.

By the end of this course, you will learn everything you  need to know to create high performance natural cosmetics at the comfort of your own home.

If you are still worried about not getting the best from the training, I can boldly tell you not to worry.

As a trainer and formulator with over 10 years of experience formulating natural cosmetics, be rest assured that the best is what you will get in the professional course.

All you have to do is follow the simple instruction in the video and all the materials I will be presenting you in this course.


  1. Introduction to Natural Cosmetics Formulation – Common Terminologies You Should Know – Video
  2. Ingredients You Need To Start Formulating Natural Organic Skincare Products
  3. Equipment Needed To Set Up Your Formulation Laboratory
  4. How To Formulate Natural Skincare Products – Practical Step By Step Training Video And Materials
  5.  Important Formula Every Skincare Formulators Must Know – Step By Step Practicals To Formulating Stable Skincare Products
  6. How To Preserve Your Natural Cosmetics Products

(This involves calculating the percentage needed to formulate your skin care products and how to convert each to gram the easy way.)

If you don’t like mathematics, don’t worry, I have a great Excel Formulate Sheet for you to use. I will also show you how to use it. You are not alone in this.

(B) How To Formulate All Natural Skincare Products.

The fundamentals you need to know

  1. Emulsions
  2. Oil In Water Emulsions
  3. Water In Oil Emulsions
  4. Emulsifiers
  5. Solubilizers
  6. Surfactants
  7. Humectants
  8. Chelators
  9. Actives
  10. Botanicals
  11. Butters
  12. Essential Oils


  1. 3 Phases Of Skincare Formulation
  2. How To Formulate Basic Natural Cosmetics – The Starting Point
  3. How To Make Professional Lip Balm To Sell
  4. How To Make Professional Body Balm To Sell
  5. How To Make Body Wash To Sell
  6. How To Make Body Scrub To Sell
  7. How To Make Body Lotion & Cream
  8. How To Make Facial Toners
  9. How To  Make Facial Cleansers
  10. How To Make Clay Mask
  11. How To Conditioners
  12. How To Make Cleansing Oils
  13. How To Make Anti Aging Serums
  14. How To Formulate Face Wash
  15. How To Formulate Face Scrub
  16. How To Make Gel
  17. How To Make Mist (Professional All Natural)
  18. How To Make All Natural Shampoo To Sell
  19. How To Make Other Natural Skincare Products

By the end of this course, I guarantee with you, you will have become a great formulator.

In our second course COSMETIC PACKAGING, MARKETING & BRANDING, I will show you how to package your cosmetics, create your labels and design your brand.

With my over 21 experience in the cosmetics industry,  I will show you the best ways to market your brand and stand out of the competition.

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