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Introduction To Organic Cosmetic Formulation (Essential First Steps To Take) – OCFT1 Training Module 1

Organic Cosmetic Formulation Training Course

Introduction To Organic Cosmetic Formulation (Essential First Steps To Take) – OCFT1 Training Module 1

introduction to organic cosmetic formulation

Introduction To Organic Cosmetic Formulation (Essential First Steps To Take) – OCFT1 Training Module 1

Welcome to First Organic Formulation Training Course. Registration is now open

I want to sincerely congratulate you for taking the first step in your Organic Cosmetic formulation career.

In this Practical training course, we are going to learn how to make professional emulsions (lotion, cream, body butter), facial toner, facial cleansers and balms with a series of private formulation training videos, content rich modules and formulation projects.

Ensure you go through your curriculum to get the best of this course.  If you need support, please get in touch with us using the support email below

Support Email:

What Is Cosmetic Formulation

Cosmetic Formulation is the science behind the making of cosmetics.

Cosmetics are articles intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled, or sprayed on, introduced into, or otherwise applied to the human body or any part thereof for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance without affecting structure or function.

Many confuse cosmetics with colour makeup no, cosmetic is a general name for items  intended to beautify the body.

Getting Started With Cosmetic Formulation.

To Formulate cosmetics, we use specialized tools and raw materials.

Click here to see the list of tools and equipment you need to make stable cosmetic products.

In addition to the tools, we use specialized materials called ‘Ingredients’.

Click here to access the the Ingredient section of your course.

How To Source Cosmetic Ingredients.

We source all cosmetic ingredients from Cosmetic Grade Raw Materials suppliers. Click here to access the supplier page.

Important Steps To Take Before You Begin Formulating Safe Cosmetics


Clean up your work area and ensure the area you are working at is cluster free.

Put all your tools and ingredients together and ensure they are free of contaminants.

You can sanitize your work area and tools with rubbing alcohol to keep contamination at bay, click here to buy isopropyl alcohol 70%.

Spray  your work area with rubbing alcohol or use sanitizing wipes.


Sanitize Your Beakers and tools. Watch the videos below for the best way to sanitize your beakers and tools


  1. Sanitize your beakers, jars and bottles in a solution of 1 gallon of distilled water and 1 tablet of Steramine tablet.

Buy your distilled water at your local grocery store, it usually costs around 97 to 99 cents each. Get Steramine tablets on Amazon.

Watch the demonstration video below for ways to sterilize your cosmetic tools, jars and bottles.


Watch the video below for effective ways to store your small scale cosmetic jars and bottles.

THIRD STEP – Cosmetic Formulation Raw Materials

Put your ingredients together and prepare for formulation.

Click here to access our cosmetic formulation raw materials directory. Read the raw materials and get familiar with them.

You need to know your ingredients in order become a good cosmetic formulator.

Watch our official YouTube playlist on Cosmetic Ingredients to learn more about top ingredients.

FIRTH STEP – Cosmetic Formulas Calculator And Worksheet

By now you must have visited the raw materials page to read all Organic Cosmetic Formulation Ingredients and Raw Materials.

We make cosmetic products using formulation calculators and template. Click here to learn how to use cosmetic calculator and worksheet.

You can also download them from the above link.

SIXTH STEP – Cosmetic Formulation Templates

We formulate cosmetic using a set of templates, click here to access them.

Going forward, we will be using the templates to make your lotions, creams, body butters, balms and salves.

  1. Lotion Formulation Template And Manufacturing Process
  2. Cream Formulation Template And Manufacturing Process 
  3. Facial Toners Formulation Template And Manufacturing Process 
  4. Facial Cleansers Formulation Template
  5. Body Butter Formulation Template
  6. Balms & Salves Formulation Template

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