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How To Use A Solubilizer

Organic Cosmetic Formulation Tips

How To Use A Solubilizer

how to use solubilizer

Solubilizer as stated in APOCF 1002, are ingredients that increase the solubility of carrier oils and essential oils in water.

Below are quick steps you can take to use a solubilizer

  1. Determine the usage rate from your supplier. Suppliers should provide the usage rate of their solubilizer, if they didn’t include this information on the ingredient page, contact them for the usage rate. Most solubilizers work in ration of 1:3 or 1:2.
  2. Put your essential oil or carrier oil in a beaker and add your solubilizer at the recommended usage rate.
  3. Blend well until it turns into a soluble mix.
  4. If you are making a toner, use your mixer to combine the solubilizer and oil mixture with water or hydrosol (depending on what you are using for your formula)
  5. Mix well under low agitation until it becomes clear

Most solubilizers especially natural ones, may take some time to clear.

For example, Tegosolv 61 may take 24 hours to come clear, keep this in mind when formulating.

Synthetic solubilizers like Polysorbate 20 never come clear, it will form a milky solution, this is something everyone should keep in mind when working with synthetic solubilizers.

Here is a video on how to use a solubilizer

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