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How To Make Natural Hair Repair Shampoo From Scratch [Formulation Project 57]

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How To Make Natural Hair Repair Shampoo From Scratch [Formulation Project 57]

hair repair shampoo formula natural skincare school

How To Make Professional Hair Repair Shampoo From Scratch [Make Your Own Hair Care Products] Formulation Project 57

Welcome to our 3rd hair care formulation project, to access the last two hair care formulation projects, click here

In this project, we are going to use professional ingredients to make an effective , non toxic all natural hair repair shampoo from scratch.

If you need help to get any of the ingredients on this project, write us through the support email attached to this project.

how to make hair repair shampoo from scratch

To make a shampoo, we use surfactants (Highly effective cleansing agents),emulsifiers, hair enriching oils, botanical extracts and essential oils .

Now get your formulation worksheet ready and let’s get to work.

Note: This is a professional formula and not a DIY. Try and make 100 gram of this Hair Shampoo first using the exact % measurement.

For example, if the distilled water is 41.3%, use 41.3 g…. The same applies to all ingredients in this shampoo formula

If you don’t have any of the ingredients on this list, skip such and add the amount to distilled water.

Hair Repair Shampoo Formulation Ingredients


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