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How To Make Stable Cosmetic Products That Pass Challenge Test Every Time

Organic Cosmetic Formulation Tips

How To Make Stable Cosmetic Products That Pass Challenge Test Every Time

how to make stable skincare products that pass challenge test

How To Make Stable Natural Skincare Products That Is Guaranteed To Pass Challenge Test

This is one of the questions I get asked a lot as a tutor and mentor to over 19581 worldwide.

The first simple answer to this question is… stop receiving formulation instruction from inexperienced formulators.

In this world of DIY, anyone can do anything and get instant appraisal online even though such individual copied the recipe from another clueless formulator.

To upgrade your skincare formulation skill, check out our Professional Formulation Projects, follow the step by step instruction and request for support anytime you need it.

Now back to the main point, to make stable skincare products, you have to follow the following tried and tested tips and tricks.

Sanitize your workspace and tools to reduce contamination

Nothing can take the place of this when making stable formula. When your formulation gets contaminated, yeast mold and bacteria will degrade your ingredients and render it worthless.

Use 70% Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to sanitize your beakers and other tools before you start.

After washing your beakers, ensure you spray it with Isopropyl alcohol and allow it to dry naturally.

Use enough emulsifier, a thickener and a gum 

This applies only if you are making lotion, body cream and other skincare products that require water in oil and oil in water emulsion process.

For instance if your emulsifier manufacturer recommends 6% and you used 3% to prevent soaping effect, your lotion will not be stable. Stability is very important in challenge test as your product will be subjected to different temperature settings. Please keep this in mind, your must ensure your product is stable with good viscosity. Continue Reading

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