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How To Make Cold Process Soap In 10 Simple Steps – Module 2 (Professional Soap Making Course)

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How To Make Cold Process Soap In 10 Simple Steps – Module 2 (Professional Soap Making Course)

how to make cold process soap for beginners

This introductory module is open to the public, to access more advanced soap making training, join on October 10, 2020

Professional Cold Process Soap Making Course Opens For Registration On October 10, 2020 

Enrolment Opens To 270 Students ONLY. Reserve Your Spot On October 10, 2020

You have reached Module 2 of our Professional Soap Making Course.

As I promised you at the beginning of this course, I will not bore you with unnecessary details.

To make soap, we react lye with oils.

What Do You Need.

  1.  A Recipe or Formula
  2. Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)
  3. Oil and butter

The above are the 3 most important thing you need to make a good soap.

We make soap through a process called Saponification. This process involves reacting lye with oil to form soap.

So the first thing we need is a stable recipe, you can never make soap without a recipe.

Below is the most basic formula for cold process soap making

  1. Oil – 100%
  2. Lye flakes or beads – Amount varies
  3. Distilled Water (Highly recommended to make scum free soap) – Amount varies
  4. Chelator (Citric Acid) – Highly recommended to make your soap stable and prevent oxidation or DOS (Dreaded Orange Spot)  – secret inside members only Recipes
  5. Fragrance (If you want your soap to smell nice) – Recommended usage rate inside our members only recipes
  6. Colorants – Recommended Amount inside members only page
  7. Additives – Inside members only page – These are the power house of your soap. (You will find all these in our members only professional CP recipes)

So How Do We Make Cold Process Soap?

Get yourself a stable recipe by joining Professional Soap Making Course Professional Soap Making Course: Training Videos, Profit Making Recipes, Mentorship & Support – Learn To Make Skin Loving Soaps That Sell, follow the following step

  1. Set your recipe
  2. Measure your oils and set aside
  3. Measure your lye flakes or beads and set aside
  4. Measure  your distilled water and set it aside
  5. Melt your oils and allow to cool slightly to around 130F (54C)
  6. Pour your lye slowing inside your water. Mix until it dissolves and let it cool to 120F (48C)
  7. Once the lye solution and melted oils have reached the above recommended temperature, slowly pour the lye into the oils
  8. Blend until medium trace forms – We will discuss this in our video tutorials.
  9. Add fragrance oil and colorants, blend and pour into molds
  10. Cover your soap and let it set for 24 hours before unmolding – more on this in our video tutorial.
  11. If you used sugar or honey in your product, put your soap in the fridge, do not insulate to prevent overheating.

All the above steps will be covered in clear detail in our cold process soap making tutorial videos.

Our videos are crystal clear 4K videos for easy learning and visual demonstration.

The major part of this course is video tutorials with members only recipes, tips and tricks. Stay tuned for it.

You have reached the end of Module 2 Of NSC Professional Soap Making Course

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