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How To Make Anti Aging AHA Lotion To Sell – Advanced Cosmetic Formula 2

Stable Organic Cosmetic Formulas

How To Make Anti Aging AHA Lotion To Sell – Advanced Cosmetic Formula 2

how to make aha lotion to sell

How To Make Anti Aging AHA Lotion To Sell – Advanced Cosmetic Formulation Project 2

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Lotion Formulation Procedure And Application Guide

This project is highly requested for by our Advanced Cosmetic Formulation Members.

It is one of the best selling anti aging lotions on the market.

AHA lotion will naturally lighten, brighten and soften the skin without any aggressive bleaching chemical that cause skin damage.

It is the best natural alternative to skin damaging bleaching and whitening creams in the market.

If you don’t know the best way to make AHA lotion, it can destroy the skin so most Indie skincare brands shy away from it.

This cosmeceutical rich lotion is different in that it is made with selected set of cosmeceuticals and emollients that will give the skin a baby soft smooth glow and texture.

Note: This formulation project is for those with basic, intermediate or advanced formulation experience.

You must know how to adjust pH of lotion as we will not be covering that in Advanced Formulation Program. To learn how to adjust the pH of your lotion, check this guide.

We will give you the optimum pH level for your lotion to work effectively without irritating your skin or that of your customers. It is your duty to adjust it to the recommended pH.

Since this program is set up for those making skincare products to sell, we have some amazing recommendation at the end of formulation project.

Get your formulation notebook ready and let’s make 100g of our first AHA Lotion.

AHA Lotion Formulation Ingredients & Procedure

Water Phase Ingredients 

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