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DIY Witch Hazel Toner: Simple Toner Formulation Project For Beginners

DIY Homemade Skincare Recipes

DIY Witch Hazel Toner: Simple Toner Formulation Project For Beginners

how to make face toner at home

Just like we did in our DIY Coconut Lotion project, this is another project geared towards beginner formulator.

We want everyone to be on the same page on this site, that is why we will be doing DIY projects as we advance in our natural cosmetic formulation projects.

Facial toners are the easiest cosmetic formulation to make in that they only have one phase unlike lotion that has 3 phases.

All you have to do is add your ingredients together in order , mix well, adjust the pH (when you advance) and use your toner with joy.

This special beginner project has 5 easy to source ingredients.

We use rosemary water in this toner, if you can’t get rosemary water, you can use rose water.

Now let’s make our first DIY toner. We will be making 100 gram of this toner

Witch Hazel Toner Formulation Ingredients

  • Distilled Water – 54g
  • Glycerin – 5g
  • Rosemary Water – 20g
  • Witch Hazel – 20g
  • Preservative (Geogard ECT)- 1%

How To Make Witch Hazel Toner

  1. Add all the ingredients in order and mix well
  2. Pour into your desired toner bottle.
  3. Apply to cotton ball and use to wipe your face after cleansing.
  4. As you advance in your cosmetic formulation, you may want to learn how to adjust the pH of your products.

Watch the Video Below To Learn How To Make A Simple DIY Toner At Home

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