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12 Essential Cosmetic Formulation Equipment & Tools For All Formulators – NCFT1 Training Module 2

Organic Cosmetic Formulation Tips

12 Essential Cosmetic Formulation Equipment & Tools For All Formulators – NCFT1 Training Module 2

cosmetic formulation tools equipment

12 Essential Cosmetic Formulation Equipment & Tools For All Formulators – NCFT1 Training Module 2

We use specialize tools and equipment to make high performance cosmetic products.

The size to use depends on how much products you are willing to make but we always advice beginners to start small and grow with time.

Below are the necessary tools and equipment you need if you want to start making all natural cosmetic products.

PH meter
Use this to adjust the pH of your product. This is very important if you want to make skin safe products.

ph meter cosmetic formulation

Isopropyl Alcohol Aka Rubbing Alcohol
You need this to sanitize your beakers when doing test formulation.

Steramine Tablets

Put one tablet of steramine in 1 gallon of water, use this to sanitize your washed cosmetic bottles.

Liquid Castile Soap – Gentle And Natural

You can wash your cosmetic bottles with distilled water and liquid castile soap. – Get your liquid castile soap here (any brand is ok).

Borosilicate Beakers different sizes
You need these beakers to melt your oil phase ingredients and heat up your water phase ingredients

beakers for making cosmetics

Stirring rods
Stirring rods are necessary for mixing your lotion. You will do a lot of stirring, so get at least 6 of these.

Spatula and scrapers
Very good for scrapping the sides of your beakers in order to encourage uniformity and prevent

Disposable Pipettes –

Pipettes are meant to precisely handle liquids. Those made of glass are usually reusable, while plastic ones are disposable. Pipettes are excellent to avoid waste when picking up liquids from inside a bottle.

Make sure to use a different one for each material. By doing this, you’ll avoid cross contamination. If you’re not discarding them after use, use a  solution of water and ethanol or rubbing alcohol to clean and sanitize.

Homogenizer makes lotion making fun. It will help you make smooth and high viscosity lotions. Start
with a small size and upgrade later on.

Overhead Cosmetic Mixers

The main advantage of having an excellent mixer is the reproducibility which means it makes scaling up very easy. In fact, it can be used for both lab and small batches manufacturing.

Cosmetic mixers have an electric motor, and the mixing tool is attached to a metal rod. Mixing speed is adjustable within certain ranges.

Overhead cosmetic mixers come with different impellers and each has a different purpose. For lotion-making purposes, the best one is a rotor stator system

Hot Plate With Magnetic Stirrer

Hot plates are small machines that heat and maintain a fixed temperature over time. As for lotion making equipment, they’re used to melt waxes and other solid ingredients.

The hot plate can be thought of as the professional equivalent for the double boiler mentioned in some DIY blogs.

The hot plate surface can consist of different materials;  I recommend ceramic as it’s easier to clean.

Immersion Blender
An Immersion blender will do a good job of homogenizing lotion and other product. You can use either
an immersion blender or homogenizer.

Water Baths
This is a good place to start if you plan to make professional lotion. It is more easy to use than double
boiler. Start with a small size and upgrade later on.

Plastic Squeeze Wash Bottles
This makes lotion making effortless. You need this to do quick rinses and measure water accurately

Infrared Thermometer

Packaging bottles and jars (PET and HDPE, Glass)
Stainless steel measuring spoons of different sizes to take out your skincare ingredients –

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