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New Cosmetic Formulation Demonstration Videos Coming Soon

Stable Organic Cosmetic Formulas

New Cosmetic Formulation Demonstration Videos Coming Soon

cosmetic formulation demonstration videos

Dear members,

We are aware that some of our members want more demonstration videos to better understand cosmetic formulation.

Note: Our team are working on new video series to better simplify formulation for everyone.

We have registered all your formulation requests and we are working on all of them.

If you have any formulation request, please send us an email at

Going forward, every ingredient in each formulation phase will have a numerical number.

See sample below

Water Phase Ingredients

  1. Distilled water
  2. xanthan gum
  3. Glycerin

Oil Phase Ingredients

  1. Sunflower oil
  2. Emulsifying Wax
  3. Olive oil

Cool Down Phase Ingredients

  1. vitamin e
  2. lavender essential
  3. preservative

Pay close attention to these numbers when watching out new demonstration video.

We will create a new section on our website for Cosmetic Formulation Demonstration Videos.

We are sure you will love these new formulation demonstration videos. Stay tuned for it.

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