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Organic, Extra Virgin, Unrefined & Cold Pressed: Best Grades Of Carrier Oils For Cosmetic Formulation

Organic Cosmetic Formulation Tips

Organic, Extra Virgin, Unrefined & Cold Pressed: Best Grades Of Carrier Oils For Cosmetic Formulation

best grade carriers oils use cosmetic formulation

Use Organic, Extra Virgin, Unrefined & Cold Pressed Carrier Oils To Make Effective Cosmetic Products

Best Grades Of Carrier Oils For Organic Cosmetic Formulation

What grade of carrier oil are you using for your cosmetic formulation? Here at natural skincare school, we use unrefined or extra virgin / cold processed oils to make products for our clients.

If you want to make a product that will be effective and life changing, it is high time you spend a bit more on quality carrier oils with either of the following grades

  1. Unrefined Organic – Our #1 pick
  2. Extra Virgin  ( Good for Coconut and Olive Oil )
  3. Cold Pressed – Cold pressed carrier oils have their properties intact. Most hot processed oil have lost some of their key compounds, making them not very effective.

We recently formulated a body cream for a client with sensitive skin using Pure Blend Naturals Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil with zero cosmetic actives.

The client started seeing result within 1 week of use and that product became our client’s most requested formulation.

So next time you want to buy your carrier oil, ensure you are getting the above grade if you want to make your product more effective.

Most formulators are merely wasting money by buying refined and deodorized butter and carrier oils.

Now that you know one of the secrets of making effective skincare products, don’t make the mistakes others are making.

Ensure you invest in extra virgin or cold processed or unrefined or organic carrier oil.

Highly recommended Supplier for the above grade is Pure Blend Naturals. Check out their current Carrier Oils here.

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